Jordan Wayne Lee
Award Winning Design for Digital Brands
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The starting place

Metamodernism has been a starting point in my mind to uncover creative solutions for years. Mind mapping thoughts, thinking about problems, and finding new ways to help clients reach their goals has been a journey and a process. This journey has helped me to shape and define my own process, while simultaneously being aware of…

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Metamodernism through an artist lens

Many great thinkers of today are proclaiming, publicly, that the end of post-modernism is here. The cynical worldview submerged in irony doesnt work for us anymore. We can’t progress. Throwing a wrench into the machine and raging against it worked for awhile to shine a light on the inconsistencies, the brokenness, the inequality and the…

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Creativity is not magic

Creativity isn’t some magical measuring stick to determine who’s “special” in society vs. who operates at a lesser level. Many times I find people referring to me as “the creative” or the “most creative” or something along those lines. To be completely honest, I am no more “creative” than any other human on earth. This…

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The art of responsive design

Approaching responsive design requires more attention to detail than just scaling down images or text to fit within a certain screen size. It requires the art of understanding not only how a design will look at various viewports, but how it will be built in a way that will work flawlessly across any screen size.…

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