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The art of responsive design

Approaching responsive design requires more attention to detail than just scaling down images or text to fit within a certain screen size. It requires the art of understanding not only how a design will look at various viewports, but how it will be built in a way that will work flawlessly across any screen size.…

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Adaptive copy

This article focuses on delivering content to your audience based on the device they are using. Tell the same story in various ways. I am not a copywriter. But design without content on the web is meaningless and provides no value to your audience. Content and copy is what makes the web valuable. That being…

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Responsive design is dead

The term "responsive design" is dead. The web extends far beyond desktop browsers anymore and we exist in a world where multiple devices are growing on a consistent basis. Designing for the web today, without question, means designing responsively. Anything less is not good design, ignoring your users, and an old-world concept of the web…

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