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Design requires a large amount of steps, knowledge, understanding, practical application and discipline. Design encompasses a holistic view of a problem and provides the most complex solution (whether minimal, or abstract) the complexity of good design lies within ones ability to see the entire scope of a problem, work through problems and paths that one…

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Metamodernism through an artist lens

Many great thinkers of today are proclaiming, publicly, that the end of post-modernism is here. The cynical worldview submerged in irony doesnt work for us anymore. We can’t progress. Throwing a wrench into the machine and raging against it worked for awhile to shine a light on the inconsistencies, the brokenness, the inequality and the…

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The metamodernism of design

Design, as it grows into multidisplinary across print, identity and digital mediums becomes more and more closer to art and the designer referred more as an artist due to the lack of clarification on the designers role as practitioner, workman, and thinker in society - both socially and economically. Therefore, this lack of clarity causes…

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