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I’ve got the blues

Driving decisions on dollars and conversion is half the battle - keeping design human centered is key. I sat in a room and listened to an executive describe design direction and his recommendation on color palettes based on his personal preference. This decision of a color battle had been ongoing at this company for years.…

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Benefits of a Style Guide Counsel

While at Disney, I served as part of the weekly Style Guide Counsel. The goal was two-fold - 1. To present new work and ideas; then discuss how these fit into the overall brand strategy with the design platform (Note: when I say “design platform” I mean everything from development, ux, content and visual work).…

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Design is empathy.

This is pretty “stream of thought”. I’m going Jack Kerouac on this article. I’ll be honest, I’ve spent the good half of the past decade designing things for the validation and admiration of others. I wanted my work to be loved and adored by other designers. I wanted to be invited to speaking events and…

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