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Painting with syringes, an exploration of metamodernism

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Creativity is regarded as discovery. In which the artist is discovering things for the first time that already exist. However, my work has yet to be discovered since it has not existed before in history without the accompaniment of medical advancements. Therefore, the execution with the tools painted through unexplored emotions and techniques, as the creator, has not been discovered until now. Which means this isn’t discovery of something that has existed previously, but the essence is being created for the first time. This metamodernist approach to defining the creativity in the work creates a tension between the sincerity of creating and irony of discovery defined throughout history.

My art work is the oscillation of attempting to create out of the tools, techniques and mediums, which cannot be replicated by another known figure in history. Since all people with my disease have died very young, it was not until the 1980’s where my disease could be managed and live a somewhat healthy life. Therefore, I am creating new art work in history while imitating the erratic and chaotic artists via abstract expressionism.

The interesting part about this approach is that technically, without the medicine to keep me alive this long, I am using the same equipment that keeps me alive as the tools in which I create the work. The paint and colors are reflections of emotions and sincerity of life to color the canvas. There is tensions and beauty in this approach. Needles and syringes used to create bold and abstract pieces that otherwise should have never existed given my own existence technically shouldn’t be in of itself.

My work is metamodern. Defined through the oscillation of the technique and the approach of the creative definition in history.

Art imitates life. Life imitates art.

Before birth I was diagnosed with a rare life-threatening hereditary immune deficiency called Agammaglobulinemia, or XLA. This disease is a genetic defect which makes my body unable to produce white blood cells. I have undergone expensive and extensive treatments my entire life through intravenous and subcutaneous medicine. It’s a constant process to maintain my health, but it gives me a very different outlook on my own existence and the world around me. In short, it’s the thing that drives me to create. A blessing and curse.

I have hidden this from the world for most of my life – for fear of being misunderstood, or rejected. But I have realized that this is the very thing that makes me who I am. Over the past year I have begun using this to drive creativity in a new way. Through paint on canvas.

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