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Creativity is not magic

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Creativity isn’t some magical measuring stick to determine who’s “special” in society vs. who operates at a lesser level. Many times I find people referring to me as “the creative” or the “most creative” or something along those lines. To be completely honest, I am no more “creative” than any other human on earth. This isn’t me trying to make some humblebrag statement or be overly generous with gratitude. It’s how I have felt about this topic for years. I am not creative anymore than anyone else – I just work hard.

To say that I am “creative” is to bless me with some magical gift that I was born with. It diminishes the notion that I have worked my ass for over a decade to sharpen my skills, create, fail and repeat that process. I have given up ridiculous opportunities to live a comforting life in pursuit of following my passion to get to a level where I have still not reached. Creativity is the evidence of hard work. You want to be creative? Fucking work for it. Every. Day.

Creativity and creative efforts mean different things for me. They hold their form in different ways.