Jordan Wayne Lee
Award Winning Design for Digital Brands
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The Creation Process

Each album is recorded in single live takes using analog and vintage equipment, guitars, rhodes pianos and looping pedals.
PLE: Volume One
Volume One Experimentation One
Volume One Experimentation Two
Volume One Experimentation Three
Volume One Experimentation Four


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Pedal Loops Experimentation Volume One
Pedal Loops Experimentation Volume Two
Pedal Loops Experimentation Volume Three
Live at Joshua Tree
Constructs of a Human Sanctuary
Both / And
Within the White Light
New Fields
One Zero One
The Blessing and the Curse

Recording Live at Joshua Tree

Behind the meaning and purpose.

The goal of these music projects is to explore sound in the way I have explored design, visual aesthetic, digital experiences and code over the past 15 years. 

My focused process in each album and track it to apply design principles across mediums of sound using textures of tone, looping layer, golden ratio properties and moving across time and space through audio. Similar to how design and design thinking is applied across visual, communication, systems and user experience. 

Within the process, I seek to  discover new ways in which emotive sensibilities can be communicated creatively through different mediums with similar design processes and approaches.

My purpose is explore my own human expression in new mediums. Communicating art and humanity beyond visual design to combine a new sense of emotion through allowing sound to speak without words. I believe that words can get in the way of trying to communicate sometimes, and I want to explore tensions within sound that may or may not resolve, such is life.

This overall exploration and expression is a personal journey of faith across sounds that provide a sense of hope through redemption, uncertainty, promise, and forgiveness.

My personal  mission of these projects is to explore sounds and ideas through a design, layered, generative and analog approach where humanity bleeds through the process. Separating myself from the over-produced, over digitized, over-commercialized, over-commoditized approach to music – I take a very focused and minimal approach to the process and see how far I can expand soundscapes across time and space.

I am committed to continue using vintage and analog equipment combined with tube amps to bring warmth and vintage sounds into an ethereal state of looping and emotive exploration.

My vision for the future of these projects is to combine the sounds with visual and generative visual experiences to build new worlds where digital and physical environments co-exists. Where live playing can be experienced through physical or virtual mediums and the audio and visual elements interact within the loosely defined constructs of playing live in single takes. Completely done in stereo using vintage equipment and looping layers for the audience.

Recorded live in Los Angeles, CA at Neon Wilderness. All songs, sounds, textures, mixes, and production created by Jordan Wayne Lee. All music copyright Jordan Wayne Lee. All Rights Reserved.