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The foundation and design strategy

Design is a powerful tool to drive business. Design is something far greater than how something looks, the execution of a website design, the colors of your next app, or the look and feel of your last marketing campaign. Design is holistic and encompasses your business at a strategic level. Design is evident in how…

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Fostering creativity through leadership

We live in a world where every brand and company is seeking to find new and innovative ways to define your product, service or company. This has become a “fast follow” culture where leaders and executives are exploring new ideas or following the success of others, shifting strategy and trying to keep up with the…

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Design psychology: Gestalt principles

For design to have meaning, purpose or impact, it must extend itself beyond a visual aesthetic and connect with people at a deeper level. Understanding how the mind perceives visual elements in our world will allow design (of any medium) to connect with an audience at a deeper level. Knowing that there is a psychological…

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Death to ego

The ego of the self drives us. As a designer, I believe we tend to create from a place where our ego can thrive and become validated. With the ever growing places to post online, gain attention, gather feedback and validation, visual design has been an ego-serving industry. But, I believe the only way to…

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The starting place

Metamodernism has been a starting point in my mind to uncover creative solutions for years. Mind mapping thoughts, thinking about problems, and finding new ways to help clients reach their goals has been a journey and a process. This journey has helped me to shape and define my own process, while simultaneously being aware of…

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The pendulum aesthetic

Design movements seem to swing like a pendulum. Back and forth. Minimalism, modern, sleek design is poised throughout our cultures and societies from the hands of designers across the globe. This ripple effect takes place every few years and we see a shift, well, more like a tidal wave of a certain aesthetic across various…

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