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Jordan Wayne Lee

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Jordan Wayne Lee is an Emmy® Award Winning digital design director, and founder of Neon Wilderness
in Los Angeles, CA.

Years in Design
Years in Brand
Years in Front-End Dev

Digital Design

Jordan's design work spans 15+ years across global brands, Fortune 100 companies, entertainment, media, music, film, television, startups, non-profits and venture capital firms.

He is formally educated, studying Design Thinking from Cornell University and receiving his undergrad (and minors) from Lee University.

He is also a Certified Brand Specialist, earning certification under Level-C and Marty Neumeier.

His design work for Fortune 100 companies has generated billions in revenue. Work has been featured across publications such as Wired, New York Times, USA Today, Ars Technica, Forbes, Washington post, Outside Magazine, and LA Times. His work has been awarded multiple awards for design and innovation in digital.

He currently services clients large and small through his data-driven design company, Neon Wilderness, in Los Angeles California.

Authored Book on Design

Metamodern Design

"Metamodern Design: An outlook on the future of design" is a book written from a designer's perspective about the changing global landscape related to the oscillating movements of both modernism and post-modernism. The book explores both examples and relates these movements to the future outlook of design and the designer.

Metamodern Design is available for purchase in paperback and digital on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and free to read on this website.

Read the full book text only available on this website.

Certified Brand Specialist

Brand Development

Jordan is a certified Brand Specialist and founder of, Neon Wilderness, one of the world's only data-driven brand and design studios.

Jordan started Neon Wilderness after almost two decades of working with Fortune 100 brands and generating billions in revenue across digital projects. Neon Wilderness seeks to deliver world-class brand strategy utilizing proprietary methods, data and storytelling used by the world's top brands for business leaders who seek to change the world.

Visit for more information.

Ambient and instrumental

Instrumental Music

Jordan creates ambient and instrumental music with analog and vintage sound equipment.

Using tube amps, Fender Rhodes pianos and looping layers of guitars mixed with field noises of sound samples recorded with a 4-track cassette tape to build ambient soundscapes.

Sample music and learn more here.

You can find his albums across all streaming services under "Jordan Wayne Lee".

Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, iHeart Radio


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*Note: Full client list available on request including over 140 clients over the past 15 years

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