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Fostering creativity through leadership

We live in a world where every brand and company is seeking to find new and innovative ways to define your product, service or company. This has become a “fast follow” culture where leaders and executives are exploring new ideas or following the success of others, shifting strategy and trying to keep up with the…

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I’ve got the blues

Driving decisions on dollars and conversion is half the battle - keeping design human centered is key. I sat in a room and listened to an executive describe design direction and his recommendation on color palettes based on his personal preference. This decision of a color battle had been ongoing at this company for years.…

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Creativity is not magic

Creativity isn’t some magical measuring stick to determine who’s “special” in society vs. who operates at a lesser level. Many times I find people referring to me as “the creative” or the “most creative” or something along those lines. To be completely honest, I am no more “creative” than any other human on earth. This…

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The art of responsive design

Approaching responsive design requires more attention to detail than just scaling down images or text to fit within a certain screen size. It requires the art of understanding not only how a design will look at various viewports, but how it will be built in a way that will work flawlessly across any screen size.…

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Adaptive copy

This article focuses on delivering content to your audience based on the device they are using. Tell the same story in various ways. I am not a copywriter. But design without content on the web is meaningless and provides no value to your audience. Content and copy is what makes the web valuable. That being…

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Great designers learn

I sat in a room with a group of designers. I quietly listened as they talked back and forth about a design decision that one designer had done. These designers became very prescriptive about providing feedback. One suggestion and diagnoses to fix the design after another. Every designer chimed in with their personal taste and…

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