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The symphony of the grid

The grid is visual music to the web. It provides rhythm, tempo and harmony within a page. The symphony of the grid provides a beautiful experience for a design. Before I was into design, I grew up playing music. At a young age I took piano lessons, played drums and picked up a guitar. In…

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The power of listen

One time I was invited to a meeting where leaders were discussing the next steps around a holistic responsive design approach. I was invited to the meeting last minute, but I was brought in as the organizational leader on the subject matter. So I was anxious to hear what was to be said and also…

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Design is empathy.

This is pretty “stream of thought”. I’m going Jack Kerouac on this article. I’ll be honest, I’ve spent the good half of the past decade designing things for the validation and admiration of others. I wanted my work to be loved and adored by other designers. I wanted to be invited to speaking events and…

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Build in code, polish later

The future of web design will largely be influenced by the ability to put together code, build quick and dirty prototypes and focus on the interaction of design. This process will then be followed up by polishing the design once the initial groundwork has been laid for a project. Finding a solid framework as a…

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