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Design is balance

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Design isn’t about hanging the curtains (metaphorically speaking) and making something “feel” the way it is intended. Design is about balance. It’s about the solutions of form and function and making something work perfectly the way it was intended. Part of how something looks and makes you feel is very important to the balance of design, but the functionality and usefulness is also just as important to the effects of good design in our lives. On the web, content and information is what drives everything forward. The balance of content, presenting information, readability and accessibility is just as important as the way it makes you feel.

The design should be focused on

– Line height
– Typeface selections
– Font size
– Readability
– Scalability
– Image file size and proper compression
– Content rich media
– Responsiveness
– Flexibility
– Semantic markup
– CSS3 capabilities
– Javascript, animation and interaction capabilities
– Touch gestures

Taking into account things such as these will help steer and guide you to make better design decisions that will provide good user experiences across multiple devices.