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Responsive design is dead

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The term “responsive design” is dead. The web extends far beyond desktop browsers anymore and we exist in a world where multiple devices are growing on a consistent basis. Designing for the web today, without question, means designing responsively. Anything less is not good design, ignoring your users, and an old-world concept of the web you think you know.

Design is about the beautiful balance of form and function. It’s about making clear and
concise decisions every step of the way to effectively communicate with your audience. If you’re not doing this on every device, every platform, and every way possible that the web allows for us to communicate today, then what you’re doing is completely wrong.

Web design is constantly evolving and changing. Best practices are forever shifting with the advancements of technology and web standards are always growing. Good design is about addressing the needs of your audience, wherever they are, and on whichever device they choose. Designing without a sense of being responsive today runs the risk of being out of touch with an audience. Responsive design is the new standard. There is no line between “design” and “responsive design” on the web.