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There is no fold

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As we continue to have new devices, new resolutions, new viewports and the growing need for responsive design, we must admit that the fold no longer exists. We are not working on 800×600 monitors. The web is changing, fluid, and non-linear and we need to stop the notion that our websites are built to not scroll.

Design for the web is built for form and function. It’s not a pretty picture to hang on the wall. It is useful information that extends beyond any fold at any time on any device.

With the growing number of devices entering the market place, we must acknowledge that it will be impossible to constantly keep up with new devices, screen resolutions and media queries to constantly design for current folds on mobile devices and browsers along with accurately predicting the future of screens and how to address those folds as well. It’s a broken conversation that does not benefit a mobile user. Mobile devices are built to scroll and users naturally scroll to find more information.

It doesn’t serve in our best interest to keep having the conversation about the existence of the fold.