Jordan Wayne Lee
Award Winning Design for Digital Brands
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February 2017

Metamodern empathy and design

The emotional intelligence of our existence can be understood, altered and designed to suit a better existence. The designer's thinking of this approach leads to us developing a better life and existence for all humanity. Empathy is lacking within our society. The sincerity and concern for our fellow man exists in the notion of impractical…

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The metamodernism of design

Design, as it grows into multidisplinary across print, identity and digital mediums becomes more and more closer to art and the designer referred more as an artist due to the lack of clarification on the designers role as practitioner, workman, and thinker in society - both socially and economically. Therefore, this lack of clarity causes…

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The pendulum aesthetic

Design movements seem to swing like a pendulum. Back and forth. Minimalism, modern, sleek design is poised throughout our cultures and societies from the hands of designers across the globe. This ripple effect takes place every few years and we see a shift, well, more like a tidal wave of a certain aesthetic across various…

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There is no fold

As we continue to have new devices, new resolutions, new viewports and the growing need for responsive design, we must admit that the fold no longer exists. We are not working on 800×600 monitors. The web is changing, fluid, and non-linear and we need to stop the notion that our websites are built to not…

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