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Seeking enlightenment means ridding yourself of the residue of emotions left by years of others who have affected you in various ways. The ability to clear out your sense of being. Purify the waters of your existence. And ultimately move forward by ratifying, forgiving and cleansing your past.

Design the mind. Actively seeking physical relaxation, well being, and a heightened sense of euphoria, we allow our thoughts to wander and lead us into various places. Sometimes those places become dark remnants of our past. Embarrassing moments. Feeling manipulated. Anger. Sadness. Being taken advantage of. Feeing neglected. The list goes on. But as we re-experience these moments in our minds while meditating, we begin to transform ourselves. We begin to purify the waters of our own existence and emotions by filtering out these old feelings during those times and replacing it with our new sense of self and existence, the state of meditation. It is forgiveness in its most honest form and it allows us to reconnect with our innocence. Enlightenment is seeking this purity through filtering and purifying ourselves.

As this emotional residue begins to filter itself out through meditation, I have begun to look at my physical world (naturally) in a way that prompts me to clear the residue from own life. No longer do I want or need of things that weigh my thoughts down. No longer do I seek to attain, but I seek to cleanse. For purity is freedom and freedom is elightment.

Minimalism is not a means, but an end of a journey. Constantly changing and shifting. I believe that it has to transcend from within. Minimalism physically first does not work. The pursuit of purity and cleansing yourself from within begins to translate to the pursuit of minimalism within the physical world around you. I believe that we as a society are still caught in a very consumer minded, what-you-see-is-what-you-get mentality and therefore there are many claims that if you buy this product or watch this documentary or shop for this art it will somehow change you and help you to become more pure. But this is wrong. The change comes from within. Minimalism is the result of a journey that will continue my entire life. My physical world through art, design, product, living, etc are all becoming a result of the inner purity I am seeking.

I’ve had it wrong for years.