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The changing face of web design

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With the ever increasing growth of technology, devices, responsive design, and a mobile-first content driven user experience on the web; it’s becoming clear that the face of web design is changing.

There is an increasing gap within web design and other industries of design. The more we progress further into new technology, new capabilities and new devices, the bigger the gap we are wedging between being a web designer to a print, graphic, or illustrator. Web design is not a crossover field anymore.

Dedication and passion must be attributed to the fast-paced and constantly shifting web and the design standards and practices.

The crossover roles that once flooded this industry with graphic designers, print designers, type designers is becoming more of a gap. The role of a web designer is becoming more of a niche within design and less of an opportunity for failed art school dropouts to crossover over into the field.

“Web design is now an engineering field.” – Daniel Ryan, Front End Director of Obama for America.

True knowledge of UX, content strategy, and front end development is essential to being a solid web designer today; and there is no slowing down on this path.