And so we come to grips
With our role within the world
Existing within nature
As nature
For life. For survival.
For love.

Art designed circa: 2013


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Museum-quality posters with vivid prints made on thick and durable matte paper. A statement in any room, these are just the accent your room or office needs.

My name is Jordan Wayne Lee. I am an Emmy® Award Winning independent artist, designer, and creative director. I have designed and art directed for brands such as The Walt Disney Company, ESPN, REI, Obama for America, Annie Leibovitz, Apple, TEDx, The Hollywood Reporter, UBS, Cannes Lions, Netflix, and many others through digital design, responsive design, ux/ui design, global marketing and brand identity.

I help brands and businesses of all sizes strategize through a design foundation.

My artwork is commentary on design, art, culture, religion and conservation. My work lives within the intersection of nature, faith and technology.

My beliefs about nature exist through conservation and taking a personal responsibility of my own role within nature. I believe in hunting for my own food, exploring the outdoors, climbing mountains, and pursuing various mountaineering adventures. I have hunted for my own food for the past decade and I have climbed some of the largest mountains in the United States. These parts of my journey have a deep reflection within all of my work.

My faith has been an interesting journey. I grew up attending my family church where my great grandmother started it in the 1930’s. She used to be a missionary starting churches in the Philippines and Indonesia and smuggling bibles to China. I grew up in church, went to school and studied theology and walked away from the modern American church because of my perception of the hypocrisy. However, I have explored other faiths, looked for God in various places and it has all led me back to the biblical truths. Looking at the bible with fresh eyes, from a new perspective and seeing the truth in the narratives, patterns and stories have given me purpose through my work in new ways.

Helping businesses and brands understand their core values.

Originally from Washington state, Jordan now resides in Los Angeles CA with his wife Laura.

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