Reimagining the Creative Circle brand identity through a 360 degree strategy approach.

The challenge

Creative Circle needed to rebrand their digital and online approach to gain new clients and talent for their creative resourcing agency.

The outcome

Developed a 360 degree campaign with a new website design, lifestyle photography, commercial films and digital brand standards.

Scope of work / Personal contribution

  • Digital Brand identity
  • Strategy
  • Art Direction
  • Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Screenwriting
  • Casting
  • Film direction


Creative Circle is a creative staffing and talent agency. Located in 35+ markets across North America, Creative Circle connect advertising, marketing, digital and interactive professionals with companies.

Defining the brand

Developing a strategy through research was the first step. I interviewed employees, directors, executives, talent and clients to understand the pains, jobs and delightful parts of the Creative Circle brand.

Through this research, the brand needed to address the maturity of their brand without sacrificing their logo or brand colors. Differentiation, focus communication and a clear strategy was of utmost importance.

Creative Circle attracted many younger creatives and junior level talent. However, there was a growing demand to find top-tier talent for their clients.

Defined brand attributes

Understanding the audience

The audience for Creative Circle consists of top-tier talent and creative executives who week talent. Through collaboration, research and working through a curated process. I created personas which identified demographics, psychographics, wants, needs and personas of the desired Creative Circle brand audience.

Defined user personas

Client executives at major companies

Creative Directors for award winning agencies

Top-tier talent in creative fields


Positioning serves as an internal organizational direction for everyone to align with the brand values. Positioning clarifies who the brand is a champion for and where they are headed into the future. It anchors everyone to the same directional goal.

* Connecting creativity.
* Live creative.
* Together.

Project Goals

  • Deliver a focused strategy for the brand
  • Develop a new website design
  • Build a new and more mature brand
  • Attract top-tier talent
  • Focused messaging for executive and creative director clients
  • Deliver compelling and beautiful creative
  • Conduct a photography shoot where photos can be used for many years to come
  • Film commercials that resonate with the heart of the Creative Circle brand message.

Brand Identity


Art Direction & Photography

I interviewed and sourced photographers who fit the direction we needed to go. Lifestyle photography with a sense of high-fashion was key. After looking through multiple portfolios and finding the right photographer, I provided creative direction, moodboards, strategy and models. I assisted in the photography shoot - scheduling, scouting locations and finalizing contracts for photographers and models involved.

Commercial filming

With a limited budget, we shot 3 commercials and a mini-documentary highlighting the emotional aspects of working with Creative Circle. I wrote the screenplays, casted actors and hired the film crew to execute on the vision. The outcome was commercials used for advertising in broadcast and online to target clients and top-tier talent.

User Experience Design

The initial phases of a website begin with developing a sitemap, understanding hierarchy, mapping out wireframes and building upon interactions based on business goals and user’s needs.
The site needed to serve both clients and attracting new talent while providing a platform for existing clients and talent to find new work, new opportunities and quickly connect through the platform.


Website Design

The website merged all the messaging, copywriting, strategy, photography and commercials to give the brand a new facelift.


Creative Circle has continued to grow and improve their business through their online digital rebranding. With a focus on a clear message, differentiating the business, and improved creative presentation, the brand has seen growth year-over-year.



Creative Circle

Creative Director

Jordan Lee


Rhonda Peacock


Katy Pritchet

Director of Photography

Neeraj Jain

1st AC

Andrew Baik


Damon Mavroudis

1st AD/Sound

Braulio Lin


Tim Bridgewater
Shira Barber
Danielle Simard
Beatriz Meredith
Daniel Wright
Taylor Marie
Rachel Alig
Jean Kartal
Marina Murad