The challenge

Develop a brand identity that differentiates within the entertainment industry and encompasses the values of the AG Capital company vision.

The outcome

A new logo, a brand identity system, a website, motion and title card design and positioning AG Capital as an industry leader within Hollywood.

Scope of work / Personal contribution

  • Logo design
  • Motion Design
  • Web Design
  • Strategy
  • User Experience Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Advertising & Marketing


AG Capital is a film, television and cultural financing fund located in Los Angeles, CA. They have financed major films, television series, and cultural events. The company approached me for a brand and visual identity system that represented their ethos, values and identity within the entertainment industry.

Defining the brand

The first step to begin this project is to identify the brand attributes. Through a series of facilitated exercises and collaborating closely with the client, I was able to develop a clear vision of who they are and what they value. These attributes are then used to build a brand identity, positioning statement, and create a direction for communicating to their audience.

Understanding the audience

The audience for AG Capital consists of top-tier talent within the film and television industry. With a history of past clients ranging from Oscar-winning talent and nominated alike, it was essential to identify the needs of the audience for whom AG Capital is in business with. Understanding the Through collaboration, research and working through a curated process. I created personas which identified demographics, psychographics, wants, needs and personas of the AG Capital audience.

Brand Archetypes Defined





Positioning serves as an internal organizational direction for everyone to align with the brand values. Positioning clarifies who the brand is a champion for and where they are headed into the future. It anchors everyone to the same directional goal.

Positioning statement

Financing for film and television to creative and cultural industry insiders in a vanguard environment with an aspirational voice. Helping them to feel kismet with their project and strategic with the process.

Project Goals

  • Develop a strong brand system that resonates
  • Discover and build a brand that is differentiated within the industry
  • Identify the brand target audience
  • Develop a logo mark
  • Develop a tone and voice for the brand
  • Design and build a website

Brand Identity

Brand identity encompasses a strong and versatile logomark that can be used in any medium while stylistically stand the test of time and longevity as a longterm investment for a brand. Combined with the discovery research to fully understand who the brand is and who the target audience is, the goal is to create an identity within a marketplace that differentiates itself from the competitors.


After uncovering valuable information from discovery and research, the next phase is to explore different visual opportunities through an overarching creative process. The brands cape exercise serves to offer various visual directions that anchor back to the research and discovery previously done. This allows a broader visual exploration in various directions to translate the research and discovery into a visual representation. This provides the client visual options and ideas that will then become filtered and narrowed down to a single direction. The next phase is to narrow in and focus on a single brands cape to begin establishing a formalized brand identity with color, textures, type, imagery, tone and design.

User Experience Design

The initial phases of a website begin with developing a sitemap, understanding hierarchy, mapping out wireframes and building upon interactions based on business goals and user’s needs.

Website Design

By combining the brand identity, projects and initial brand strategy, I designed and developed a website for AG Capital.

Motion Design

Motion design and title cards are an important branding element for any film, television or entertainment company within financing or production. The approach was to explore different ways that AG Capital can differentiate their brand through motion and title card designs. Here, I create different and custom designs based on the tone and element of the project. For example, The First on HULU gets a spacey treatment, while the 1980’s film CRUISE gets a nostalgic and 80’s treatment. The small details differentiate the overall experience of the brand. Subtle surprises and elements of delight set AG Capital apart in their industry.



AG Capital

Creative Director

Jordan Lee

Art Direction

Jordan Lee


Jordan Lee

Music Production

Jerad Griffin

Motion design

Jordan Lee

Web development

Jordan Lee


After Effects
Adobe Audition