From $2B TO $5B in Revenue with Disney

While working as a designer and art director across 7 different brands for Disney, my work in online digital platforms, e-commence and marketing had helped to contribute to revenue growth from $2 billion to $5 billion within 3 years. I was a vital part to designing platforms, leading responsive design initiatives and standards, working with multiple brands in marketing, photography and digital design, and designing mobile and tablet apps. My success is contributed to my approach to design where I merge aesthetic, business and data to always stay curious and find the right design solution that delivers results. The success of my work with Disney is a testament to my process.

  • Increased online revenue through new design
  • Subject Matter Expert for Responsive Design
  • Multi-million dollar photography shoots
  • Worked across digital marketing for 7 different Disney brands
  • Led design innovation of new apps for physical/digital experiences
  • Won multiple awards for design lead on projects

3% online revenue growth every quarter with REI.com

By completely tearing apart REI.com checkout process, understanding how it’s engineered, working with developers, UX designers, engineers and copywriters, I was able to redesign the entire checkout process which resulted in a consistent 3% conversion rate quarter over quarter. This was done by my process of knowing how digital platforms are built, coded and designed; then I break everything apart and rebuild it from the ground up with timeline, budget, resources and scalability at top of mind. I then come up with innovative solutions and test those against each other, create focus groups and survey the results to constantly seek the best solution. This process was very successful with REI.com and generated millions more in revenue.

  • Senior IxD, Art Director & Creative Director for entire Digital Retail of REI.
  • Led design in strategy, direction and innovation for digital experiences
  • Worked directly with Executive Leadership
  • Redesigned entire REI.com experience
  • Led entire organization in responsive design efforts
  • Tested design with analytics, data, user feedback, prototyping and focus groups

Webfont Iconography Licensing Worth $100k with Disney

While at Disney, I worked for a long time on converting 200 custom icons designed specifically for our online platform into web fonts. These icons would then be loaded via code to our platforms as fonts instead of images creating better quality icons, loading faster and scalable at any size. Since these fonts were proprietary to our department, I proposed that we package these into single font files to then be licensed out to other areas within Disney across all digital brands. The result generated over $100k in extra revenue. I am always seeking new opportunities to use design to further business and generate new growth.

  • Implemented an innovative new approach for technology
  • Performance driven design and mobile first philosophy
  • Found new opportunities to generate more revenue for company

$3 Million In-Store Revenue with inventory app

While working as Art Director and Senior IxD for REI, I helped to create an app for employees to use in-store with customers to track inventory within the current store or find requested products in other stores nearby. This app also allowed customers to directly place an order, reserve an item or checkout immediately. The customer service, speed and ability to locate any product led to $3 million in increased sales within stores. I worked directly with developers, engineers, and UX to design an experience that was on brand and innovative. We tested this in-stores, gathered feedback from employees and customers and made continuous revisions to the app.

  • Senior IxD, Art Director & Creative Director for entire Digital Retail of REI.
  • Led design in strategy, direction and innovation for digital experiences
  • Worked directly with Executive Leadership
  • Creative solutions to merge digital/physical experiences for customers
  • Enhancing the brand value and experience
  • Generating new areas of revenue through innovation in design

Saving brands hundreds of thousands of dollars through design standards

I have developed design standards across multiple brands, creative agencies and organizations. These standards audit the current state of the brand and reevaluate the goals and strategy to create a set of standards and documents for moving into the future. This process has led to massive savings internally within companies to be more efficient, more productive and maintain brand consistency visually and through messaging. I take a careful and precise approach to this project and it has saved companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in a very short time.

  • Evaluating and auditing current brands
  • Recognizing the strengths and weaknesses
  • Diligence through research and interviews
  • Creating documentation, solutions and strategies
  • Delivering results that save companies hundreds of thousands in expenses

Awards and accolades

My work has won been recognized on a global level. Seen by millions, and has won multiple awards. The metrics of generating revenue and growth for businesses is excellent, but it’s also nice to be recognized for various efforts throughout my career.

These awards are based solely on the creativity of various projects I have been involved with throughout my career. Combined with the ROI, brand strategy, economic growth and business approach to design, these awards have had lasting impressions for each brand and project. The results are proof that good design and innovative approaches to business, digital platforms and creativity will not only generate revenue and brand value, but garner attention and inspire others as well.

  • Emmy® Award – Outstanding New Approaches 2008
  • Interactive Media Award Most Creative 2012
  • Interactive Media Award Best in Class 2012
  • Interactive Media Award Outstanding Achievement 2011
  • Disney Hack Day Award 2012
  • Creative Mickey Award 2012
  • Awwwards Site 2012
  • Creativity Awards 2011
  • Graphis Nominee 2011
  • Creative Mickey Award 2012
  • Disney Responsive Subject Matter Expert 2011 – 2012
  • Abduzeedo Daily Inspiration 2013
  • Internet Advertising Competition Outstanding Website 2012
  • Disney Digital Creative Award 2013
  • Featured designer for Decorated Youth Magazine 2013
  • Featured articles for An Event Apart – 2014
Client list

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Partnering with brands and business to move them forward with strategic creative solutions.

AG Capital
Annie Leibovitz
Aulani Resort & Spa
Barsuk Records
Cannes Lyons

David Copperfield
Disney Cruise Lines
Disney Global Security
Disney Parks
Disney Vacation Club

Media Arts Lab
Obama for America

The Hollywood Reporter
The Walt Disney Company
Walt Disney World

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