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Disney responsive design

Disney recognized the need to build all digital platforms for mobile and desktop devices. The goal was to build visually engaging and dynamic digital approaches to the growing popularity of smart phones and tablets being used and accessed of all Disney web sites. With a background in responsive design, Disney tasked me to lead the entire digital organization in mobile-first responsive design strategy, process and execution.

I was the subject matter expert at Disney and worked closely with executive leadership. I worked with other designers, sharing the philosophical approaches to mobile first design and the nuances of design and development related to the responsive approach. I worked collaboratively with all disciplines to ensure our design efforts were tested, prototyped and fully thought through before going into production.


Disneyland Augmented Reality App

Disney Imagineering was looking for new ideas to solve within Disney parks. Our goal was to enhance a guest experience in the park when they are waiting in line of the park attractions, events or dining experiences. The solution was to design and prototype an augmented reality mobile game app.

A guest finds a hidden QR code in line, snaps a picture with their mobile device and earns badges through the mobile app. Throughout the experience, guests earn special rewards (such as food or discounts in the park) and they can share their experiences with friends through social media.

Guided by Russell, from the Disney movie Up!, guests follow him throughout the park to earn badges. Once a guests completes and earn all the badges, they are rewarded a limited edition Disney scout hat.

Note: This was conceived and designed 3 years prior to Pokemon Go launching.


ESPN Emmy® Award for Outstanding New Approaches

Working with ESPN, I designed an online visual experience for a documentary film about the lifelong struggle of the Chicago Cubs having never won a World Series. This story spanned across 100 years of loss for the team and featured fans from every decade over the past 100 years, including Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins. This was a new approach to sharing media online before streaming was a normal part of online experiences. (ie: Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO). This project won an Emmy for “Outstanding New Approaches” in 2008.


Obama for America Iconography

The 2012 Obama for America campaign produced the first multi-screen responsive website for a presidential campaign. The digital initiative helped raise $690m online, recruited hundreds of thousands of voters, and registered over 1 million voters.

I created their icons as a single font file for use on the site. Instead of the traditional approach of making icons images or sprites, this approach rendered beautifully on all devices and allowed the site performance, design and development to be a new an innovative approach to web standards.

Webfonts are embedded fonts that are loaded via CSS to display a specific font on the web. The goal was to convert a series of campaign icons into a font file to be loaded on a site the same way webfonts are displayed. This responsive approach to displaying icons is mobile-first and performance driven.


REI In-store Merchandise App

REI Ascent is an in-store mobile app designed to merge the physical inventory to an in-store digital experience. The challenge was to provide employees a digital solution to track inventory, not just within the current store, but throughout REI global inventory. The solution was to build an app that utilized global inventory data to allow employees to quickly find any outdoor gear for any customer.

Once an item is tracked, found or searched, the app performs on the spot purchasing for customers in-store. The inventory is then given to the customer or shipped to the store, or customer’s home.

The overall goal is to utilize more digital experiences in the physical world. By thinking from a visual and user experience perspective, we can continue to build real-world experiences, enhance a customer’s experience, add value to the brand, and create a streamlined experience online and in-store.

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David Copperfield
Disney Cruise Lines
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Media Arts Lab
Obama for America

The Hollywood Reporter
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