Exploring the barren lands of the infamous Joshua Tree, I ventured out into the unknown to let my mind wander, inspiration reveal itself and feel the hot sun beat down upon me. The trees and landscape felt other worldly as I hiked into these unknown areas. Being from the PNW, this landscape felt unnatural and very foreign. Death was imminent as life was very scarce. The boulders felt like they were randomly placed, or forgotten. The heat bore down upon me and I needed to find shade. I trekked back to my vehicle and tried to start the car. Nothing. Damn. Tried again. Nothing. I popped the hood and had a look around. I needed a smaller wrench than what I had on me to test a connection. I heard some voices over the boulders. Climbers. “Hey guys, you have a wrench by any chance? My car is dead.” The bearded climber offered me an Allen wrench. “Thanks. This should work.” Doubting if it would work on the way back, I knew I was out of cell service and miles from any real telephone. I quickly became innovative, made due with what I had and McGuyvered the hell out of the battery. One. More. Try….Success. I returned the wrench to the climbers and and laughed with joy as I pulled away. I continued my exploration.

After something goes terribly wrong and you find yourself blessed by a hint of luck makes the rest of your adventure so much sweeter. The boulders seemed bigger, the air was cleaner, the sun beat down with a loving warmth that embraced my skin as I traveled throughout the barren desert. It was a beautiful time. Thinking on your feet, staying calm, and focusing on the problem at hand is always the best approach when faced with a mishap in the wild.