Absolutely nothing in our existence seems to matter. The drinks, the gossip, the endless conversations about mundane occurrences, the baseball games, the work politics, the draining bank account, the work, the money, the people. Everything comes and goes and comes and goes. It all begins to feel like a distant dream. Memories of people in various moments of their lives intersected with a view of your own – somehow shaping your perception. Growing. Seeing. Understanding. And forming the view point that becomes hardened and cynical and deprived.

Where is all of this going? What’s the point? No really, have you ever stopped in a moment of chaos, nonsense, or removed yourself from the physical space you exist to realize that maybe none of this matters. Nothing. We live, we eat, we shit, we fuck, we die. Maybe that’s it. And we have progressed so much in society that the simplicity of all those things become completely distorted in the loud white noise of our society. Everything at once, yet none of it matters.

And at the same time, I can’t help but wonder – in the most beautiful and poetic way possible – that somehow all of these people, conversations, interactions, enjoyments, failures, loves, loss, happiness. Everything. Maybe somehow all of this is connected and everything matters. Every single moment of every single day is leading up to a bigger awakening at the end of our lives to create a full understanding of purpose.